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The 3rd Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery, also known as the "Red Dragons", served as the direct support Field Artillery Battalion for the 1st Cav's 2nd "Blackjack" Brigade during Operation Desert Storm. The Red Dragons served with distinction during numerous combat operations, most notably the Battle of Ruqi Pocket (15-25 February 1991), where the Blackjack Brigade earned the Valorous Unit Award. Here are some images of the Red Dragons in action in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Kuwait from January to March 1991.

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"On the Road to Kuwait."

The commanders and staff of the 3rd Battalion, 82nd FA, pausing for a group shot while "on the road to Kuwait."

Operation "Berm Buster"

A M109A3 howitzer from Battery C, 3rd Battalion, 82nd FA engaging Iraqi targets during Operation "Berm Buster", February 15, 1991.

Operation "Red Storm"

The First Cavalry Division Artillery firing against Iraqi targets in the Wadi Al - Batin during Operation "Red Storm", a night artillery and attack helicopter raid conducted in the Ruqi Pocket on February 16, 1991.

Operation "Deep Strike"

The 3rd Battalion, 82nd FA, reinforced by Battery A, 21st FA (MLRS), firing in support of the 2nd "Blackjack" Brigade's attack up the Wadi Al Batin on "G-Day," the first day of the ground campaign. This attack was a "feint;" the intent was to make the Iraqis think that the coalition main attack was coming up the Wadi Al Batin. This operation was an unqualified success, in that it tied down four Iraqi divisions and allowed the VII Corps to conduct a successful envelopment to the west.


Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth R. Knight reenlisting Sergeant First Class Phillip Wright on February 28, 1991, near Basra, Iraq. This reenlistment occurred almost immediately after the cease fire.

Destroyed Iraqi ZSU 23-4

U.S. Army soldiers inspecting a destroyed Iraqi ZSU 23-4 self-propelled anti-aircraft piece near Basra, Iraq, March 2, 1991.

Destroyed Iraqi APC

A destroyed Iraqi armored personnel carrier.

Iraqi 2S1 Howitzer

Jubilant U.S. soldiers showing off an Iraqi 2S1 self-propelled howitzer, captured from the Republican Guard "Tawakalna" Division near Basra, Iraq. This particular howitzer, captured in near mint condition, can be seen at the First Cavalry Division Museum at Fort Hood, TX.

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